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Also, JetPack, Formidable, Contact Form 7. More coming soon.

Summary Report

Actionable Summary

FormWorks gives you a summary of engagement, conversion and views. This is data you need to generate more leads.

Conversion details

Track Conversions

You don't put forms on your site to make it look pretty. You put them there to generate leads, makes sales and connect with your followers. Find out if they are working or not.

Conversion Requires Engagement

Before you have a conversion, you must have engagement. FormWorks doesn't just track conversion, it tracks engagement -- vital data to understand if your form is loaded, viewed and interacted with.

Field Abandonment Graph

Find The Causes Of Form Abandonment

Find out what fields users interacted with and what fields lead to abandonment. Data you can use to improve your forms and boost conversions.

What Others Have To Say About FormWorks

Vova Feldman

"Serious WordPress site builders need data to improve their work. If you want to know how to boost conversions you should use Form Works to learn how to improve your forms and increase sales or generate more leads."

Vova Feldman, Freemius
Russell Aaron

"Imagine having a clean and simple Analytics Dashboard, for all of your Gravity Forms, where you can see form engagement. Meet FormWorks."

Russell Aaron, Gravity Styles
Jason Lemieux

"Everything that CalderaWP makes is ahead of its time so you better jump on board before the future passes you by. Also: graphs."

Jason Lemieux , Postmatic

And It's Got Graphs... Lot's of Graphs

See all the details, filter it by date range, hide and show factors. Graphs are fun, enjoy learning about your site's vistors.

Main graph with all the details.

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